Air freight

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The Master of Global Logistics

On the basis of the best service system of the domestic 3PL company, HanaroTNS handles the largest volume of cargo in Korea through a process that directly enters the airline after direct operation of ULD.

HanaroTNS has the 24-hour, 365days response system and 50 global networks and national global contract partners to provide rapid, accurate and secure logistics service. We will provide a satisfactory service based on our abundant service experience in order to meet the various needs of our customers in the competitive time, space and cost of the rapidly changing global market.

We strive to provide cargo tracing information through our comprehensive logistics system (G1) in order to provide a prompt cargo information, and we have secured price competitiveness through a close relationship with airlines.

  • Door-to-door service
    Based on Hanaro TNS's global network and infrastructure, we provide transportation service from pick up of cargo to customer's door through one-stop through many years of logistics service know-how and tracing technique.
  • Combined freight service
    We provide combined freight service to provide a more economic transportation service for the small quantity cargo.
    We have secured the price competitiveness of mixed services through a number of competitive forwarders and exclusive agent contracts located across various countries.
  • Air & sea forwarding service
    We provide SEA & AIR service that combines the economics of ocean freight with the speed of air freight by combining air service to Europe, Americas and other regions in connection with the ocean service.
  • Re-forwarding service
    In case of service difficulty due to lack of space and high air freight charge, we provide economic service through air service from Incheon. And in case of the restrictive routing, we solve the problem through using the Global network of HanaroTNS.
  • Global Cargo Liability Insurance
    We are preparing for cargo accidents that may occur at any time and place through the Global cargo liability insurance