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About HTNS

The Master of Global Logistics

HANARO TNS stand by you based on customer trust
Welcome to Hanaro TNS

HANARO TNS have been establishing a foothold as a Global comprehensive logistics company since its foundation in 1999 under the slogan, “Service Creation for Customer Satisfaction,” with networking global logistics, high end logistics technology and best logistics professionals.

We Aim for customer trust, proactive innovation and prospering development by enhancing ESG management. Direct towards eco-friendly logistics, conduct CSR, maximizing ESG management for rightsizing and fulfilling responsibility of mutual growth by sharpening competitiveness to become Global Leader.

HANARO TNS endeavor to render distinctive customer satisfaction through IT integrations - smart logistics platform, sophisticated drone, Integrated control system, AI, Big data, autonomous drive - as a pioneer of cutting edge technology in logistics industry keeping up with the 4th industry generation.

We pledge to continue all of our efforts to generate sustained logistics services and Appreciate your continued support and interest allowing us to take off as a utmost global company with love and respect from all over the world.

CEO Gun Byung, Yoon