Certifications and Awards

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About HTNS

The Master of Global Logistics

  • Status of certification
  • Status of awards
  • Acquired patent for Vehicle
    control platform based on IoT
  • ISO9001 (quality)
  • ISO14001 (environment)
  • ISO13485 (Medical)
  • Establishment of research
    institute attached to company
  • AEO (freight forwarder)
  • AEO (bonded freight forwarder)
  • AEO (bonded area operator)
  • AEO (customs service)
  • Excellent logistics company certification
    (comprehensive logistics service company)
  • Registered G1 system program
  • KOSHA18001 (safety and health)
2005 ~ 2021
  1. 2021 Acquired patent for Vehicle control platform based on IoT
  2. 2019 ISO13485 (Medical)
  3. 2017 KOSHA18001 (Safety and Health)
    Registered G1 System with the Korea Copyright Commission
  4. 2014 Certification of Excellent Logistics Company (Comprehensive Logistics Service Company)
  5. 2011 Certification of ISO 28000 (Logistics Security)
  6. 2010 Management innovation type small business certification
  1. 2009 Acquired certification in 4 categories of AEO
    (Freight forwarder / bonded freight forwarder / bonded area operator / customs service)
  2. 2008 Certification of excellent transportation service
  3. 2007 Establishment of company affiliated research institute
  4. 2005 ISO 9001 (quality), ISO14001 (environment) certification
2005 ~ 2021
  1. 2021 Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at Korea Logistics Awards
  2. 2020 2020 Choice of Korea Best Places to work (consecutive)
  3. 2019 AEO Korea – Outstanding Company Award
    Government certificate for Excellence in safety accident management
    2019 Choice of Korea Best Places to work
    Government certificate for Job creation
    Suwon Chamber of Commerce – Best Human Resources Development
  4. 2018 Korea software contest President Award
    Korea Logistics Award
    Best Forwarder (Incheon International Airport Corporation)
  5. 2017 Paldal District Community Service Citation
    Received the Achievement Award from Incheon Port Corporation
    Best Partner Award (Samsung SDS)
    Selected as a good company in Gyeonggi-do
  1. 2016 Received Best Partner Award (Samsung Electronics Logitech)
    Commendation for Child Welfare Contribution
  2. 2013 Pyeongtaek port construction work award
  3. 2011 Best Partner Award (Samsung Electronics)
    Excellent Partner Award (Asiana)
    Won awards from Incheon International Airport Corporation (Excellent Forwarder)
  4. 2010 Excellent Partner Award (Korean Air)
  5. 2008 Korea Logistics Industrial Packaging Award
  6. 2005 Selected as an excellent informatization company