Quick Delivery

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The Master of Global Logistics

Hanaro TNS shortens the delivery time by handling orders on a real-time basis through intelligent logistics centers and makes delivery within 8 hours after an order is placed by calculating the optimal route for the order based on the in-house transport system, hence providing the quick delivery service that allows customers to receive goods whenever they want.

The 365-day quick delivery service that is safe to use anytime makes three deliveries a day (01:00, 09:00, 15:00), therefore quickly delivering any item to any place within 8 hours.

The optimal route is calculated based on the real-time transport condition in order to shorten the delivery time. In addition, the expected arrival time and the real-time shipping status are provided to maximize the user convenience.

General Delivery (1-2 days)
Quick Delivery (8 hours)
※Delivery count/time depends on volume
※Delivery count/time depends on volume