Distribution Logistics

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The Master of Global Logistics

Hanaro TNS provides high-quality, low-temperature logistics services by establishing logistics centers with constant temperature/humidity based on its unique warehouse management system and a cold chain system through temperature-controlled vehicles. We also provide a customized service that integrates and manages every logistics process from manufacturer-originated shipping to end-user delivery through a transport system capable of real-time location tracking and temperature control.

A logistics center with constant temperature/humidity provides a freezer service for -18℃ or less storage and a refrigerator service for 5~10℃ storage, and a MWS warehouse management system has been established to manage inbound/outbound shipments and inventory.

We provide a wide spectrum of customized add-on services such as shelf-life sealing, labelling and bundling based on the packing and shipping types of diverse goods (e.g. special offers, bundled goods, gifts, repacked goods, holiday gifts, etc.) from various sales strategies (e.g. inventory management, peak season, promotion, etc.).