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The Master of Global Logistics

Hanaro TNS provides a variety of global e-commerce services (e.g. domestic/overseas B2B/B2C by Koreans, domestic B2B/B2C by foreigners, etc.) quickly and accurately through a unique logistics system for e-commerce and a fulfillment center system connecting the global network, hence enhancing the work efficiency.

Located near Incheon Port and Incheon Airport, It is capable of services. effectively handling both domestic and international.

Based on the fulfillment centers in the United States, China, Japan and Vietnam, we provide quick customs clearance, last-mile B2C delivery and B2B delivery services through our global network.

E-commerce tailored services
Integrated service combining all logistics services required for domestic/overseas
B2B/B2C by Koreans and domestic B2B/B2C by foreigners
e-LOGIS [e-commerce logistics system]

Our unique e-commerce logistics system, e-LOGIS, fully supports a wide spectrum of global e-commerce services.
Orders can be managed through I/F interface with domestic and overseas online shopping mall systems, and every shipping information from shipment pickup to local delivery can be traced.
A total logistics service based on WMS will be provided (inventory management, pick & pack, combination packaging).