Ethical Management

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About HTNS

The Master of Global Logistics

Ethical management charter

For the sake of customers' value, we will strive to operate transparently in the spirit of mutual benefit and to adhere to the principle of market economy.

Ethics management code of conduct
  1. We will comply with the Company's Code of Conduct, will not conduct unfair trade, illegality, and misconduct, and will respect and pursue win-win cooperation with all stakeholders.
  2. We will not engage in any unethical or inhuman treatment such as despising, assaulting, abuse, sexual harassment, corporal punishment, intimidation, etc. to all stakeholders including employees and affiliates in the course of our work.
  3. We will not exchange bribes, gifts, or entertainment with all stakeholders, including customers, in carrying out our business.
  4. We will strictly protect the personal and business information of our customers, consumers, workers and stakeholders, and we will not use them without their explicit consent.
  5. We will report and object to unethical conduct and business malpractices with an anonymous or named channel (Happy Call, etc.), and if the company retaliates against or disadvantages a legitimate claimant, we will report so via an anonymous or named channel.
  6. We promise to engage in all business affairs based on honesty and trust in the internal transactions of the company, to be fair and transparent in business relations, and to not conceal, manipulate, or misrepresent for any self interest.
  7. We will strive to eliminate all possible safety and health hazards in the course of our work, and we will wear appropriate personal protective equipment for our work, and if there is work required in an unsafe environment, we will receive and follow the safety instructions necessary for all business operations.