Installation Logistics

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The Master of Global Logistics

Hanaro TNS provides a one-stop logistics service that manages items reliably through the in-house logistics center, makes safe and quick deliveries based on the combination of a systematic transport system and a dedicated platform, and sets up items and provides detailed guidance by installation engineers.

A dedicated logistics center manages various products from home appliances to furniture (e.g. refrigerator, air conditioner, bed, couch, etc.). Safe delivery will be made to the designated place based on the product-specified delivery method while an installation engineer takes care of setups, hence providing a convenient one-stop logistics service.

Furthermore, we provide the waste collection service combined with the new-product delivery service, hence allowing customers to conveniently and simply dispose of wastes.

Release Process
  • Order Receipt Customer Order
  • Order Close 14:00 CUT OFF
    14:30 Distpatch
  • PICKING Listing
  • Classification Product
  • Inspection Installation Engineer Inspection
    External defect
  • Delivery Loading
  • Installation​ Product description
    Safe Installation &
Delivery Process
  • Installation Logistics HTNS dedicated warehouse [Namdong center]
    Address 66, Hogupo-ro 14beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
    Zoning district General Industrial zone
    Road 10M, 16M Road
    Area 15,148.7 ㎡ ( 4,582.4 PY)
    Building area 13.903㎡ ( 4,205.PY)
    1Floor : 6,877.22 ㎡ ( 2,080.35 PY)
    2F : 410.29 ㎡ ( 124.11 PY)
    3F : 6,615.55 ㎡ ( 2,001.2 PY)
    Use Warehouse
    Scale three-story
    Structure Iron framed & Reinforced concrete structure
    Parking Area Total 79 space (Truck : 16 space, Normal : 63space)
    Elevator&Lift 4 freight elevators ( 5T : 2, Vertical lift 2T : 2 )