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The Master of Global Logistics

Making the most of the knowhow in logistics center operation and B2B logistics, Hanaro TNS provides a reliable, customer-tailored delivery service that deals with urgent oversized shipments, which are difficult to handle and deliver because of their size and weight requirements; box size over 160cm and weight over 20Kg
  • Main goods

    We provide a customized delivery service for hard-to-fit oversized shipments, from a heavy drawer and a bulky mattress to a bicycle that is hard to load unidirectionally.

  • Service method
    • Hub

      VMI operation service that actively handles a temporary surge in shipments (e.g. holiday, etc.) through a nationwide network of hubs

    • Depot

      Regional delivery service covering isolated areas through function-based inter-hub depots on top of nationwide hubs (depots dependent on shipments)

    • Route system

      Response to urgent shipments through a variable route system based on daily vehicle allocation (e.g. full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), etc.)

    • Regional manager

      A regional manager is responsible regional operations and customer services, and takes care of onsite issues.