Rail transportation

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HanaroTNS operates Cheonan Rail CY at Dujeong Station and Sejong Rail CY at Sojeongli Station respectively to secure about 20,000TEU of container transport per year for rapid and reliable transportation.

Also, Hanaro TNS provides not only domestic but also international transport services by using the major railway networks including the TSR (Trans Siberian Railroad), the TCR (Trans China Railroad) and the TMGR (Trans Mongolian Railroad).

Hanaro TNS offers customized transportation services in consideration of various local environments and offers a comprehensive transportation service in connection with railways.
  • TSR (Trans-Siberian Railway) Linkage Service

    From Russia's Far East port, Nahotka / Boschochi port, to Moscow and to Europe's major cities - the total length is 9,208 km to Moscow, currently mainly in Russia, (1,520mm) and the voltage is 25,000V.

    - By making the entire section of the railway in December 2002, the railway has become the leading indicator of double track and electric railway, and all the tracks can be tracked by optical communication.
  • TMGR (Mongol Transit Railway) Linkage Service

    Departing from Tianjin Port in China, via Hoyt Station, which is the border station of Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and Russia, linking to the Trans-Siberian Railway at Ulan Ude Station in Russia

  • TCR (China Transit Railway) Linkage Service

    Departing from Lianyungang, China, via Lanzhou and Urmuchi, connecting to the major cities of Europe by connecting to the Trans-Siberian Railway through Kazakhstan - The total length is 8,613km, which is about 82.7% of the whole area, 7,127km, and the extension of the electric railway section is about 5,001km, which is about 58.1% of the whole area. - The Chinese railway is the standard rail (1,435mm), but the Kazakh railway is the light rail (1,520mm)

  • TMR (Manchurian Transit Railway) Linkage Service

    Departure from China's Domun through Manchu region, via Manchuria Station (Russia side to Zabaiqalsk), border with Russia, and from Karimskaya Station in Russia to Siberian Railway.

  • Other countries and continental railways